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Here is a taste of how we work with our clients and the results we achieve.

Organisation Development – using employee development to achieve strategic growth

We worked with an award-winning travel company based in Edinburgh.  The company founder had built a reputation for delivering quality holiday experiences and has focused on developing an environment where employees can deliver and develop.

We were approached to develop the employee proposition to reflect the company’s values and their ambitions as well as incorporate a programme of employee development.

The team had a mix of skills and experience, and with team expansion, it was important to allow employees to build stronger relationships with each other as well as developing their skills. 

Our approach was to co-create a programme by looking at the organisation through the eyes of current and prospective employees.  In order to develop the concept of a high performing team, it was essential that the team was fully involved in designing and delivering the employee proposition.

I found it very interesting seeing how the process was developed, we had time to:

  • work on teamwork, 
  • collaborate and share our own ideas for the progress of the company
  • go deep into our personal role within the office and own progress (strengths and weaknesses)
  • develop our abilities in our specific roles

Initially a survey on company engagement and culture was sent to all employees.  Employees were also asked to comment on their expectations and desires for the programme. The results of the survey informed the design of the programme and they were shared and discussed at the initial workshop attended by the whole company.

Over a period of 5 months, all employees attended 3 workshops, and in addition, worked in peer groups on specific projects agreed at the outset.  The Company supported employees by allowing them time to work on the projects and we facilitated peer group sessions using online technology, allowing employees to participate in these sessions from the office.

Towards the end of the programme, when the peer group projects were at implementation stage, we added in a couple of “working days” at the office to allow time for group projects to be developed and implemented.

I really enjoyed the work we did as a team for a few reasons:

  • I got the chance to work with people in different parts of the business who I wouldn’t normally work with and learn more about each other.
  • Because we did the work over several sessions, we were able to break down the tasks and see the progress as we went along.
  • Agreeing the rules at the start helped to be clear that we could all contribute, have our say and listen to each other views.

The workshops were designed to be a mix of team facilitation, coaching and learning.  The sessions included:

  • Time for the company strategy to be presented, discussed and developed
  • Immersion in company values
  • An introduction to Conversational Intelligence® which provided a framework for building TRUST through effective conversations
  • Time for peer groups to introduce and get feedback on their specific projects from the rest of the team

Input on getting the best out of performance reviews and giving feedback

The proposition projects focused on:

  • Recruitment and Induction/Onboarding
  • Performance Reviews
  • Recognition and Career Opportunities
  • Communication and how we organise ourselves
  • Learning and Development

The employees were actively involved in developing ideas to make the business better and through their involvement they were able to find new and effective ways of working with each other.  In addition, processes and practice improved through employees driving the change and working in a collaborative way.

Although a programme roadmap was designed at the outset, by taking a responsive approach, we were able to be flexible in accommodating the needs of the team as they arose.

At the beginning it felt like there were many topics to develop and aspects to improve, step by step all the plans and ideas were brought into practice and we created a neat structure as regards the recruitment, induction, personal assessment. We saw the results along the journey and putting the ideas into practice. These sessions gave us opportunities as well as allowing us to input to ideas for the future – once we start you can`t stop us. It was very dynamic and inspiring


At the end of the programme, the team had a framework to build their continued growth and success.  They had identified further areas they wanted to develop. The team’s increased confidence improved conversations and greater collaboration are allowing them to work more effectively which ultimately improves the customer experience which drives the Company’s success.

HR Support – Confidence and best practice in dealing with employment issues.

” Knowing that the employment advice we receive from Jo is based on a real understanding of our organisation and its value base gives great confidence that with her help we can work with our staff towards the best solutions possible. “

(Chief Executive, Third Sector)

For many of our clients, the first time we work with them is to provide HR Support.  We have worked with this client for eight years, and by partnering with them, we can provide tailored HR support to meet their needs.  This means they have the right type of HR support in place when they need it.

From ensuring that their contracts, policies and procedures fit their needs, to supporting them with organisational growth and challenges, including best practice in recruitment, performance management, restructures, absence management and employee development, we have provided both a proactive and reactive service.


We achieve this through regular meetings and support provided by phone/email or face to face.  We act as an independent sounding board to the Chief Executive to discuss and plan people issues, and we provide one to one support for manager’s when dealing with employment issues.

We know that line managers play a critical role in implementing HR and organisational policy and procedures.   We have developed a programme of support that allows the manager to develop in role and build confidence to tackle people management issues effectively and confidently, improving employee relationships and performance. 

As we ourselves partner with high quality associates and employment lawyers, it means we can draw on our extensive network to provide up to date and relevant knowledge and experience to meet your HR needs.

HR Consulting – Supporting strategic growth

We worked with a high growth medical data analysis company who operated globally out of the UK.

The aim of our review was to:

  • assess the commercial team structure, to clearly define roles and build a structure that was appropriate for the future needs of the business.
  • Recommend a framework to enable sales knowledge transfer. A significant amount of sales knowledge resided with the CEO. This was a risk to the organisation both in terms of growth and operational capability. The aim of the review was to build a robust resourcing process and sales structure, but one which could capitalise on transferring sales skills and expertise across the team.
  • Recruitment: We reviewed the current attraction, recruitment and induction processes to ensure the organisation could make more effective appointments to the commercial team.

We undertook a range of data gathering activities including interviews with staff which focused on job roles and responsibilities, communication and culture and we also undertook desk top reviews of current processes.

We were able to provide a gap analysis of recruitment and provide a range of recommendations to the organisation to improve recruitment, induction and the organisation structure.

Our approach meant that we provided a “working document” of recommendations which allowed the organisation to pick up and utilise a range of improvements immediately.  They increased their direct sourcing activity by making greater utilisation of social media to attract and engage potential candidates.  An internal development programme was implemented to ensure sales knowledge was expanded across the commercial team.  A more robust behavioural recruitment approach was recommended, and the CEO was able to engage the internal HR function to support the introduction of enhanced selection methods including range of assessment tools.  The team has grown, turnover has reduced, and the team capability and confidence continue to improve.

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