What We Do

Conversations are the key to effective change.

We work with organisations to achieve their goals, improve their employee experience and create positive relationships – and build organisational capability to ensure the changes last.

And we do this by enabling courageous and collaborative conversations.

When you are faced with a change or transformation project, you have the plan covered. You know what needs to be done. But you also know that success will be determined by people change. And that takes time.

We can help.

We will listen to understand your direction, and work together to build a people change roadmap that we can implement together.

About Us

We design and deliver support for change – co-creating with our clients to ensure the outcome is stronger.

Our services include change consultancy and development solution but we agree what is needed together, our aim is the same – the outcome delivers results.

At the core of what we do are our values.

In this together

We work alongside you to make the changes you need in your organisation.

We constantly share our knowledge, insights and experience so you too develop. We firmly believe that the outcome is always stronger when we work together, co-creating.

Gently challenging

We ask the questions – however tough to answer – to make sure we take the best path. Always building you up, never tripping you up.

Progressive thinking

We look at things differently. We build on research around conversations, behaviour, organisational systems and change, and apply this to the world of work.

We move beyond traditional OD and focus on the messiness of situations and individuals.

It’s about conversation

We know conversation is crucial – and that’s why it is front and centre of everything we do.

Conversation is a shared communication in which we are all equal and where we can share and exchange ideas.

The human aspect to every change situation is really important and essential.

We see time and again that leaders can take the big decisions while not always realising that, at the centre of all of the decisions, is a human, with feelings and ‘stuff’ which they can bring to work.

We can provide perspectives and frameworks which improve the change experience for all involved and effected.

This change doesn’t happen through process, it happens through conversation

Jo Adams, Founder, Human At Work

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